vineyard400x211The mission of the Amador RCD is to conserve and improve our natural resources, integrating the demand for environmental quality with the needs of agricultural and urban users.

RCDs are grassroots government organizations that work to get individual and community goals accomplished. RCDs are non-regulatory and must meet their goals for the natural resources in their community through voluntary approaches — neighbor asking neighbor to cooperate. The RCD is guided by a Board of Directors who are appointed by the county board of supervisors to serve voluntarily and represent a broad spectrum of experience including farming, ranching, financial and non-profit land conservancy management. depending upon available grant funds, the RCD employs staff members with diverse technical backgrounds to support implementation of the RCD mission.

As a local government entity, an RCD can work with any local, state or federal agency through simple cooperative agreements. Our district works to strike a balance between the economic self-interests of individuals and the community’s need for a healthy environment through both education and assistance.

RCDs work with landowners within a watershed, to accomplish goals such as reducing fire risk, improving grazing, reducing pollutants in creeks and streams, and increasing wildlife habitat.  For over 50 years Resource Conservation Districts throughout California have effectively represented local communities in addressing natural resource problems. They continue to create opportunities for landowners to identify and accomplish stewardship goals on an individual or watershed basis.

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Amador County Resource Conservation District