cow325x200The Amador County Resources Conservation District is committed to

    Enhance the wise use of natural resources in the Amador Resources Conservation District.

    Identify and support innovative approaches to improving resource based economy in the district.

    Assist and support the local NRCS partnership office.

The programs we fund and manage encompass agriculture resources, watershed , woodland  and wildlife habitat management.

The ARCD works both alone and partners with various organizations (such as the NRCS, Farms of Amador, UC Extension) to provide education workshops, farm tours, and contests. In addition the ARCD offers an annual Dick Magnum scholarship to a graduating high school student who is getting ready to continue their education in a Resource Management or Conservation field.

Current Programs
Sacramento Amador Water Quality Alliance (SAWQA) The ARCD administers the Sacramento Amador Water Quality Alliance. SAWQA meets the requirements of the State of CA water monitoring program for irrigators.

Meath Road Community Action Grant (CAG) for Fuel Reduction. The ARCD administers the CAG for Meath Road. This program assisting homeowners in the Dry Town area, Rancheria Creek watershed and is funded by Cal Fire.

Speak-Off Contest 2010 – “How the Resource Conservation District Can Assist Schools with Natural Resource Education”

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Amador County Resource Conservation District