Ecosystems Services California Survey

The Ca Cattleman’s Association in conjunction with the Rangeland Coalition (which CARCD is a part of) have put together a survey to better understand the potential role that ranchers play in ecosystem services markets.

If you are a rancher please fill out the survey. Please pass this on to ranchers you know.

Link to the survey:

More info:

The goal of the survey is to understand ranchers’ level of interest and the potential for developing payments for the ecosystem services (i.e. environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration, water quality improvements, wildlife habitat, etc.) that ranching provides. Emerging markets offer the potential to provide a financial return to ranchers for good environmental stewardship by creating new economic incentives for practices that improve the quality of water, soil, air and wildlife habitat on working landscapes.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Tracy Schohr in the CCA office at (916) 444-0845 or by e-mail at