SECP Trainings

Many members of the Sacramento/Amador Water Quality Alliance (SAWQA) are subject to the Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP) Requirement under the Sacramento Valley Waste Discharge Order.

A SECP must be certified, irrigators can participate in a training to be able to self-certify.  SAWQA is offering several trainings to assist irrigators in being able to self-certify their own plans.

Upcoming Trainings:

Partner Hosted Trainings

October 29th, Sunday                                                                                                        1pm-4pm                                                                                                                              Where: CA Small Farm Conference   Robert Cabral Ag. Center              Cost: ~$35                                                                                                                        Register Here:

November 2nd, Thursday                                                                                                 8am-1pm                                                                                                                                  Where: American Legion Hall, 1305 N. 1st Street, Dixon CA 95620    Register: Call: (707)678-1655 x103                                                            email:

Sacramento/Amador Water Quality Alliance Hosted Trainings

SAWQA held two SECP trainings in September 2017, additional trainings may be hosted in the Winter 17-18.

What are my other SECP certification options?                                               If a member does not want to self-certify their own plan they can hire a professional to write and certify their SECP.  Under the Central Valley Regional Board’s Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program  a member can hire a qualified professional possessing one of the following registrations or certifications, and appropriate experience with erosion issues on irrigated agricultural lands (CA Registered Professionsal Civil Engineer (PE), CA Registered Professional Geologist or Engineering Geologist, CA Registered Professional Landscape Architect, Professional Hydrologist, Certified Soil Scientist (CPSS), Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC), Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality. Click here for a list of local qualified professionals.

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