Sediment & Erosion Control Plan Requirement

Members requiring a Sediment & Erosion Control Plan (SECP) for one or more of their parcels enrolled in Sacramento/Amador Water Quality Alliance (SAWQA) have been notified by mail.

SECPs are kept on your farm or in your office and not returned to SAWQA.

A SECP must be prepared in one of the following ways:

  • Be prepared and self-certified by the member who has completed a training (SAWQA is providing FREE training for members, Click here for more information on trainings)
  • Be written, amended and certified by a qualified professional possessing specific registrations or certifications, and appropriate experience with erosion issues on irrigated agricultural lands. Click here for a list of qualified professionals.
  • Adhere to site-specific recommendations from NRCS, RCD, UCCE

Why is my parcel listed as needing a SECP? Click Here to review the Risk Category Table; this table identifies the reasons why a parcel could be listed as needing an SECP.

Does my parcel qualify for an exception? There are a limited number of cases that could qualify a parcel for an SECP exemption.

  • If you have not turned in an Farm Evaluation Plan (FEP) or answered “YES” on FEP question A3 there is a possibility that returning your FEP could eliminate your SECP requirement. Review the Risk Category table for more information.
  • The Regional Board recognizes following exemptions to the requirement to complete a SECP:
    • The parcel is a wetland.
    • The parcel has zero irrigated acres.
    • The parcel is isolated topographically or protected by a hydraulic barrier and the parcel does not discharge tailwater.
    • The parcel has natural riparian vegetation that prohibits sediment discharges or erosion.

    There are specific requirements to qualify for these exemptions, members must notify SAWQA if they believe a parcel qualifies for an exemption.  

Questions?                                                                                                          Contact Jill Damskey  (209) 730-3150

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