Water Agency Candidate’s Forum

The Board of Directors of the Amador Resource Conservation District voted at our August 19, 2010 meeting to hold a Water Agency Candidate’s Forum on Tuesday, October 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the evening.  We held a forum two years ago and the feedback that we got was very positive.  Our objectives for this forum are:
A.  To provide the candidates with an opportunity to get their message out to the voters of Amador County.
B.  To give the voters of the county an opportunity to know the candidates and ask questions of them.
C.  To help ensure that our water agency board of directors is made up of the best qualified individuals.
The previous forum’s format was that each candidate had time to give an opening statement and then we presented a number of questions to the candidates that each was given a chance to answer.  The public also had some time to submit questions of their own.  The forum was moderated by Mr. Giles Turner, a respected teacher at Amador High School and we asked the candidates to hold to some reasonable time frames for their comments and answers.  We expect that the forum will be held at the Supervisors’ chambers in Jackson and that it will not exceed two hours in length.
We would like to solicit questions and issues from all of the candidates.  These would be questions/issues that you all feel need to be brought out for the benefit of the voters.
We feel that the way we organized the forum two years ago promoted the civil and courteous exchange of ideas and we will be sure that this forum is conducted in a similar way.
If you will please get back to me with your availability and your questions/issues, I will keep you informed as to how this is shaping up.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me (296-1569) and if I’m not in my office, please leave me a message.